01 March 2009
& i wish upon a star

Yesterday was great! (:

Rise and shine early in de morning and i'm off for an appointment. back home in de aftrnoon and my plan of goin out with fitri was cancelled. but thankfully she managed to get on with our plan though we gotta meet in de evening. de plan was i wanna buy a marc ecko watch at tangs orchard. de designs totally didn't attract my attention. so i didn't purchase any marc ecko watch. well, i'm gonna look into other brands then. after which, we headed to bugis. walked round for a lil while then i made my way to bussorah street.

reached bussorah street and met aini, aneey and siti. it was total bored since we gotta wait for de bbq to start. as what i guessed, de b'day guy and de dudes haven't arrved yet. not long, cika arrived. then finally b'day guy came alongwith his familia and we all sang b'day song for him. aini, aneey, cika, siti and myself were in white like angels but kak janna thought we're from religious class. haha. so de angels helped kak jihan to bbq. it's fun! a while later, de dudes came.then siti gotta leave. she totally regreted it cos all de fun started soon later. then magic potion guy, alyph, sang 2 of us! i love that song. rif and faizal sang too. and btw, faizal's b'day was on de 29 of feb. so this guy is super young. 4 years old only. haha. q&a with em. ClassiQ out first april heh? for sure?marked it! i shall be waiting anxiously. hees. oh, fadhlur was there too. everything end off with snapshots and chatted with em. fun to de max! faizal with full eagerness promoted his brand new phone to us. oke, i want his handphone! haha. guy bought it for only 58 cents. walao ey! then rif will suddenly start singing his new song. lols. i had a blast of fun! (:

reached home at 11.30pm and there's no one at home. sigh. anyhow, march is gonna be crazy. i mean, so far there's 3 events. well, i'm meeting SleeQ nxt sat too. btw, cun saja is #2 this week! i'll request for it oke. hopefully it'll be in de top next week. following are de snapshots!

Faizal and familia

Izyan & Alyph

Us with Alyph. soo like angels since we're in white.

Izyan & Rif

crazy shot

Us with Rif

Us with SleeQ

Izyan & Faizal

crazy shot

Us with 4 yr old boy. hees.

Us with kak Jihan

Us with kak Janna

Us with Fadhlur



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