07 April 2010
TIOMAN GETAWAY if only you have time for this long story

Day 1
As early as 5am, we got a maxi cab to send us to beach road. we joined five stars coach for our short trip to tioman. i thought we would take the double deck bus fitted with comfortable big seats and tv or games. unfortunately we got a single deck bus which was awfully uncomfortable. serious shit. it was my first time going malaysia on a coach and i was expecting something good. oh wells. bus jouney was a long 3.5 hours bumpy roller coaster ride. not good i tell you. that gave me a throbbing head. so after alighting, the journey's not ended. another 2 friggin hours of ferry ride. i tried hard to get a shut-eye throughout the ferry ride as i'm a sea-sick person. that helps. so it was a bad 5-ish hours journey that gave me body ache, head ache and leg cramps.

alright putting aside the complaints, i finally reached tioman island. i love the sea. checked in to our connecting rooms and chilled a bit. in the evening, the bros' and me hit the beach which was just ouside of our unit. the beach is awesome awesome awesome! super clean and clear. hehe. while playing in the water, we met a fish. and then a group of fishes. damn we freaked out. after long, we were doing good meeting the fishes. well we better be brave for snorkeling. had dinner at night and it's well known.....for it's slow poke service. no kidding! we waited for an hour or so.

Day 2
After breakfast, the highlight of our trip - snorkeling. our first time. we met bigger fishes and definitely tons of em since it's in the middle of the sea. initially i was frightened. not because of the super deep sea but because i was worried i might forget to breathe through the mouth and not the nose. haha! really that's my problem since i'm not scared to face the fishes already. got used to it soon and it was amazing. swim around the sea with the bros'. i met dory. i was hoping i could meet nemo though. hehe. also, there's a huge jellyfish and divers checkin out the whatever plants deep down. maybe the bad point was only beacuse the current was strong. just a few seconds i was drifted quite a distance away. much strength to swim forward just don't make much move -.- anyhow, i managed to grab i few fishes!

evening was beach, meeting fishes and collecting cool shaped corals. at night, yet another long wait dinner and this time, the stall went blackout for a few minutes. could it get any worst?

Day 3
Though we gotta check out at 11am, we still seize the beach. meeting fishes and trapping small kind of shore fishes. yet another killer ride home.

so like my trip was so the FISH.

some shots. credit: dad's canon video cam, bro's canon dslr and my cam
checkout the mega gigantic aquarium i say!

Nur Izyan
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