22 May 2012

Was working afternoon shift on that day. in the morning, mira, aishah and me gathered at fitri's crib for our graduation photoshoot! different gowns coming from 3 polytechnics - TP, NYP AND RP. after the photoshoot, unfortunately i can't join them for a movie. we haven't watched a movie together for the longest time!


Afternoon shift again. i was craving for cupcakes damn badly. especially ms cyn's cupcakes. i have sweet teeth you see. so much so that i headed to TP just for cupcakes. i was damn sad that the cupcakes were sold out. i should have known. wasted trip to TP and further, wasted money on cab fare because i cabbed from school to work or else, i'll be even later than a min.

My craving for cupcake has not been satisfied yet!

As i was finding a good lawyer to work with, i was asked to call mr g. gave him a call and firstly, he asked me to request to my boss for an early job dismissal so that i can start to work with him soonest, secondly, he asked me to come down for training on 19.05.2012. so i've planned. i continued working with robinsons as the period's gonna end soon. i cancelled by john little job as working in a law firm is better. so i did. then, as i have work on 19.05.2012, i even asked for a non-pay 7 dollars per hour leave, just so that i could come down for training. when i called mr g again to confirm my attendance for the training, only then he told me not to quit my job as the job at the law firm is not confirm. bitchy? picture this. i applied for a job. i got the job. just a few days before the job start date, i dismissed myself from the job. who in the world would go and call the boss to give the job back. dammit. think i no face one ah. tsk you. but anyway, i really thought they would take me.


Woke up at 5.15am and left home at 6am! sent bibik off to the airport. so sad. i've been through this for so many times. i don't like saying goodbyes to bibiks because i have always been so close to all my bibiks. after she left, dad headed off to work while mom, hanis and me had macdee breakfast.

Then, i had a 10am-5pm training at the law firm. drafting writs and socs. my mind was rusty and i couldn't recall my law stuffs well. haha. my mind's gotta exercise and get back to legal stuffs. oh and i had germ with me too. anw, mr g did not come. we were under the guidance of another part-time staff.

After training, met fitri and me went to MI for a malay drama play. all the way to the west side of singapore. wanny's the manager. hahaha it's so her. my malay's pretty rusty. almost every scene, i don't understand some part of the scripts. but the actors are so talented! a really good play and i enjoyed it. fitri and me had to stand throughout our train ride from bukit batok to simei! damn exhausted by the end of the day.




LAST DAY OF ROBINSONS JOB PERIOD! it's pack up day. my department unfortunately has the most work to do. but the 3 of us temp staffs entertained ourselves with hilarious conversations while working. all's good.

after we punched out for the last time, patricia, pb, jx and me hangout together. went to raffles place to accompany patricia and marina square john little to return my john little stuffs as i dismissed myself even before the job start date. then, we had an early dinner at swensens! ordered my favourite grilled chicken burger. after dinner, we all head home. haizzzz....that's the end of robinsons. i like working there. the people are good. i am already missing them!


I was supposed to start my law firm job today. i recalled a lady telling me she'll confirm whether i start on tuesday or not. apprently she didn't confirm with me. but i thought i might be wrong. so i went with germ to the law firm together this morning. she seemed surprise when she saw me. misscommunication shit happened. then i supposed mr g called up his lawyer friend who worked somewhere near and asked if he needs a paralegal. i was then asked to come down for an interview at that other law firm. i left germ working at mr g's firm.i hate people who gave me high hopes and don't mean it sia. seriously. so i was so damn sad when i got to know mr g didn't take me in. he thinks this is a fun fair or what. no interview and we haven't even met and he dismissed me out of the blue. why. i left mr g's firm and headed to mr e's firm nearby for an interview. was surprised to see mr e's law firm. really small office space. but the interview went pretty ok. it was kind of a rush but i totally understand because my appearance there was sudden and last minute. anw, mr e seems nice. he run a 1 man show. with him, there's only a staff. so i was thinking, if i work with him, there will only be 3 of us working. hahaha why so cute. 3 people only. then i thought, i might learn a lot since we will be working very closely, considering the manpower. so as you can see, my morning was a true rollercoaster ride. end of the day, it is all really good. i got better working hour, location, pay and...maybe better people too! InsyaAllah, my work with this firm will be great. honestly, i am still having law firm phobia.

p.s. pardon for grammer mistakes. i was rushing through this long blog post.

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