16 September 2012
September 12

Met up with germ, sha and jas. apparently we ditched our initianl plan of bowling. we catched step up revolution instead! oh i love step ups. though i do agree the story line's not that good. step ups are all for the awesome dance! damn i wish i could dance.

September 13

Long awaited day has arrived finally. invited my primary clique over for raya cum my farewell. we were all so hyped to gather. all of us. imah syaz tasha and kam. FINALLY! so glad that it actually happened. i cooked the food! seafood creamy spaghetti and pizza. they came over around 6-ish pm and stayed till around 11pm! time flew so fast while we were busy catching up. they were super duper sweet. surprised me with gifts, one after another! totally did not expect anything. just their presence can make me elated. i am so touched and thankful to still have them. they were like my childhood friends. all of us have grown up so much. but to be honest, the bond is still exactly the same as when we were still in primary school. our behaviour. i do not feel any inner change. just the appearance that differ. reminisced about our old qiaonan primary school days and awesome memories. so thoughtful of them to get me all these! major love!
(screw this blogger for not enabling me to upload pictures)
- 2 boxes of royce' chocolates
- tumblr with motivational quotes
- badge with motivational quotes
- jack union bag tag
- 2 ear muffs
- gloves
- beanie
- jacket
- h&m coat
- awesome board with messages and pictures
totally helped me with my shopping! with all these, i have less shopping to do! oh am gee....i am so gonna mis them deeply!
September 14
Went out with dear cousin and her qal. hahaha. sigh i still feel a lil bit of awkward la when he's around because i don't want myself and him to be a lamp post or left out. but but i miss neny so much and i won't be seeing her for a year! huge deal la for us close cousin. but he's so nice to be driving us around. yay no public transport! they fetched me in the afternoon and we headed to downtown for sushi buffet at hei sushi. afterwhich, qal sent nen and me to bugis+'s sephora. i got caught by the staff there and she recommended me a good primer and foundation by makeup forever. ofcourse it comes with a huge price. i am in a dilemma. not sure if i should get them! it's a want and prolly 70% need? sigh my weakness in shopping. i am easily tempted. decided not to purchase right away but think over first. then we're off to geylang for tau huey with their friends who are also abang's friends. small world. at least there's some sort of distance connection so okay, less awkward. after tau huay session, nen and qal sent me home. thanks for having me!
Septermber 15
Finally went stationary shopping with dad. dad bought some pounds as well. i'm still not done with shopping, insurance, fees, registration, hp card for my usage there and bank stuffs. super confusing. unfortunately my parents are clueless as well. sigh.
September 16
Gonna chill at home today. was supposed to go back to sephora to the primer and foundation by makeup forever because they reserved for me i think till today. no. i need more thinking. lol. prolly gonna do more packing today. mom and dad's friends coing over at night for some selamat.

Nur Izyan
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